The price of being a vegan in 2023 – 2024


With each passing year, being a vegan is a way of life that abstains from eating meat, fish, and other animal products like dairy, becomes more and more popular. One person joined Veganuary every 2.4 seconds on January 1, 2023, setting a record-breaking sign-up rate.

Some people think it’s quite expensive to eat a vegan or plant-based diet. In order to learn more, this essay will examine the costs associated with veganism, especially in light of the present cost of living problem and if being a vegan will be more or less expensive in 2023.

A Vegan Diet What is it?

Following a vegan diet entails avoiding all animal products. This description includes common items like fish and meat. Additionally, less visible goods like dairy, eggs, and even honey are included.

Whole foods including grains, beans, and produce are popular among vegans. But an equal number consume a diet that is more processed and include faux cheeses, meat replacements, and commercial goods targeted towards vegans and vegetarians.

Benefits being a Vegan 

The animals stand to gain the most from this. Every year, vegans prevent countless animals from being killed and mistreated by avoiding items made from animals. The calves and chicks that would have been killed for the dairy and egg industries are among the lives saved.

According to studies, eating a plant-based diet has enormous advantages for one’s own health. You can lower your risk of heart disease and some malignancies by adopting a vegan diet. This is especially true for people who consume a diet high in natural meals from plants and low in processed foods and oil.

Consumers can make a significant difference in the ecology of wildlife and climate change by eliminating meat and other animal products. More greenhouse gas emissions are produced by the livestock industry than by the entire transportation industry. Furthermore, it is the main factor in both species loss and habitat damage.

More recent research have demonstrated that turning vegan can also help you save money financially. One benefit of adopting a vegan diet and lifestyle is that it lowers healthcare expenses for those who do so. Additionally, Kantar study shows that vegans spend 40% less on groceries than meat eaters do.

The Average Price to Become Vegan

Numerous inexpensive commodities that make up the foundation of the typical American diet also form the bulk of a healthy vegan diet. These consist of dishes like bread, rice, beans, and pasta.

The average home-cooked, meat-containing supper costs $1.91 per plate, according to a Kantar survey. The cost of a vegan dinner is approximately $1.14.

But whether being a vegan would result in financial gains or losses depends on your preferences for the ingredients in your meals.

Whole-Food, Plant-Based;

Whole-food Simple components are used in vegan diets to build upon the regular meal foundation. Various combinations of fruits, veggies, soy, seeds, and nuts are used to make delectable recipes. With a few notable outliers like avocado and macadamia nuts, the majority of these items often cost less per serving than dairy and meat.

Even more money can be saved by purchasing goods in bulk and in their most basic configuration. A frugal vegan who cooks with dried grains, dried legumes, and seasonal veggies may easily spend much less on groceries each month than the national average.

Processed Vegan Replacements

When you start using commercially processed meat and dairy substitutes, vegan diets become more expensive. These foods are often created by mixing processed or lab-engineered ingredients to produce a product that resembles an animal product in both appearance and flavor.

While some of the same advantages as conventional vegan foods can be found in these food items, their costs are usually higher. In actuality, the majority of processed vegan items are more expensive than the equivalents of meat, dairy, and eggs.

Foods that are vegan and non-vegan are priced similarly.

You must compare the costs of processed and unprocessed animal-free goods in order to determine whether being a vegan is more cost-effective.

We’ve compared some of the most popular animal food items below with their corresponding commercial vegan equivalents and typical whole-food vegan alternatives.


Based on our analysis and that of other reliable sources, we can conclude that in 2023 there will be a greater number of vegans than ever before and that, considering the rising costs of meat and dairy products, being vegan will either be less expensive or cost no more than going non-vegan. Don’t Miss Our Blogs for similar content.

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