Oh hey there!

My name is Tamanna, and I’m an enthusiastic vegan who values optimism. Throughout my entire life, I have exclusively consumed vegetarian food. I just started eating vegan food. This decision has altered my life since it reflects my values of sustainability, health, and compassion..😊❤

I have a close relationship with animals and have always felt deeply compassionate towards them. I was able to live by my values and deepen my compassion for all living things by turning vegan. My perspective on the enormous variety and joy of plant-based cuisine has changed as a result of this encounter.

As I progress down the vegan path, I enjoy learning about and promoting the best vegan products, researching plant-based nutrition, and finding ways to live a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle. I also enjoy immersing myself in literary, musical, and artistic creations that inspire and uplift me.

I intend to offer my ideas, experiences, and advice on living a vegan lifestyle through my blog. Join me on this adventure as we celebrate the strength of kindness, wellness, and deliberate decision-making. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, would like to connect with others who share your interests, or would like to share your own experiences.

I appreciate your presence and invite you to embrace veganism and the beauty and goodness it brings to our lives.

I love you❤




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