Best Vegan Affiliate Programs 2024

Vegan Affiliate Programs

Interested in generating revenue from your vegan website?

In this article, we explore some of the current standout vegan affiliate programs available on the internet.Certainly, Vegan Affiliate Programs pave the way for your success!

When I looked up the “vegan affiliate programs” trend on Google Trends out of curiosity, I saw exactly what I had anticipated:

Vegan Google Trends

I’m going to assist you in falling down that rabbit hole in this piece by giving you a comprehensive overview of the top vegan affiliate networks that will increase your income.

Let’s not delay any further and jump right in.But First let me give you an answer to a basic question which may arise in your brain.

What Makes a Vegan Affiliate Programs Suitable?

A good affiliate marketing strategy must include choosing the best vegan affiliate programs.

There are various justifications for selecting vegan affiliate programs.

  • Access unique niche markets
  • Support a compassionate lifestyle
  • Tap into a growing market
  • Promote health and wellness
  • Align with your values
  • Expand your audience
  • Generate passive income

How I Selected the Top Affiliate Programs for Vegans

  • Company Image
  • Commission Layout
  • Product Excellence
  • Company Image

A list of handpicked vegan affiliate programs for you.

1. Vitacost Affiliate Program

vita cost vegan affiliate

Since 1994, Vitacost has offered almost everything you could possibly need to live a healthy lifestyle. This covers everything, including food, drinks, and dietary supplements in addition to baby supplies, cleaning supplies, and even pet supplies.

URL: Vitacost affiliate program

Rate of commission: up to 6%

$142.88 EPC

Cookie life cycle: 7 days

2. Plantable Affiliate Program

Plantable Vegan Affiliate Program

With pride, Plantable describes its goal as a groundbreaking “transformation experience powered by plants.” Rather than simply being a vegan meal delivery service, we like to think of Plantable as your doorway to delicious plant-based meals that are sent right to your house. But Plantable has more to offer than just delicious food. Revealing an additional dimension of brilliance, its premium packages provide members with special access to a personal coach who is prepared to assist people in making a smooth transition to the exciting world of vegan living. With Plantable, you can discover the power of plants and take a step toward a compassionate, healthier living with every meal.

URL: Affiliate program for Plantable

10% of each purchase is the commission rate.

Cookie duration: Not specified

Set out to share the life-changing Plantable encounter with others! Join their affiliate network to easily earn income while spreading the delight of adopting a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. Making the switch to a plant-powered lifestyle might be difficult, but when you work with them, it gets easier. Make a difference while earning money—at Plantable.

3 Zatik Affiliate Program


The ingredients for Zatik are sourced globally and skillfully produced locally. From the hulling of ancient black seeds in Egyptian soil to the refinement of USDA organic beauty formulations by American organic scientists, raw, potent botanicals are farmed on certified organic farms across the Pacific coast. The lack of genetically modified organisms contributes to the non-toxic relationship of the family-owned firm.

Affiliates receive a substantial 15% commission. You will only earn roughly $5 for each sale you promote, which is a substantial disadvantage given the average order size of about $35. Nevertheless, your traffic should convert to purchases quite easily given their claimed 8% conversion rate. 

URL : Zatik affiliate program

15% commission is charged.

$33.48 EPC

Cookie life: fifteen days

4. Thrive Market Affiliate Program

Thrive Market Affiliate Program

Thrive Market is the ultimate online store for organic, non-GMO vegan basics. From foods and supplements to kids’ and pet supplies and homecare items, this is your one-stop shop for a wide variety of products. Take advantage of the extra benefit of up to 50% off pricing, which offers great value in comparison to traditional retail. Thrive Market makes sure your purchases get to your doorstep conveniently, so you can say goodbye to the aggravation of congested stores.

Get a subscription to access this unique shopping experience, and here’s the offer: the first thirty days are completely free. After that, you can access a huge inventory of over 6,000 products at wholesale prices for just $59.95. Discover a world of discounts and environmentally friendly living at Thrive, where thousands of vegan-friendly products are ready for you to choose from.

URL: Affiliate Program for Thrive Market

Up to $20 in commissions

EPC: $30.6

Cookie life cycle: 14 days

5. Purple Carrot Affiliate Program

Purple Carrot Affiliate Program

Savor the transformative power of Purple Carrot’s vegan meal kit subscription service, which is not only a delectable culinary experience but also a clinically proven tool for decreasing LDL cholesterol levels and helping you lose weight in as little as four weeks. Purple Carrot places a strong emphasis on sustainability and impact management. Their meal kits have been shown to have a 72% lower carbon footprint than the typical American lunch.

Using the Impact Radius network, become a part of Purple Carrot’s affiliate program to start earning money and leading a better lifestyle. Affiliates receive a handsome $25 commission for each new subscription purchase and one-time sale, with a wide 30-day cookie window. This program guarantees an attractive average commission rate of 34% when combined with an impressive average order value of $72.

Enjoy unique access to a wealth of marketing resources as a Purple Carrot affiliate, including enlightening newsletters with information on sales and intriguing new goods. With Purple Carrot, where health, sustainability, and affiliate success come together, you can increase your influence while making money.

URL: Affiliate program for Purple Carrot

$25 is the commission amount for one-time sales or subscription purchases.

EPC: $1.19

Cookie life: 30 days

6. 100% Pure Affiliate Program

Hunder Percent Pure Affiliate Program

Adopting a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up your sense of style while upholding your moral principles. Discover a variety of vegan clothing lines offering a wide range of cruelty-free fashion options. Presenting 100% Pure, a sanctuary for anyone looking for a line of makeup that redefines beauty without compromising any animal rights.

Explore the historical origins of cosmetic arts as 100% Pure draws influence from antiquated methods, employing seashells as a natural source for the first colors and dyes. Redefine your beauty regimen with items that complement your dedication to a compassionate lifestyle while also enhancing your looks.

For every sale they refer, affiliates might get paid an 8% commission. For each 100 qualifying visitors you send their way through your affiliate links, you will receive about $27. Because of their somewhat low “Network Earnings” score, you shouldn’t base your entire specialized website on just one line of their products. Otherwise, don’t count on using the money to retire.


URL: 100% Pure Affiliate Program

8% is the commission rate.

EPC: $27.36

Cookie life: forty-five days

7. Kinder Farms Affiliate Program

Kinder Farms Affiliate Programs

To start earning influence from Kinderfarms, you must first register for their affiliate program.

They will ask for some basic information about your company and target audience before submitting their application. To finish and submit your application, adhere to the instructions.

It usually takes Kinderfarms a few days to either approve or reject your application once you submit it.

You will have access to your affiliate dashboard after being approved, where you can locate and copy your exclusive affiliate referral link.

URL : Kinder Farms Affiliate Program

Commission: 15% Per Sale

8. Naked Nutrition Affiliate Program

Naked Nutrition Affiliate Program

Explore a wide range of protein affiliate programs, exercise programs, and supplements that are vegan and target the health-conscious market. Naked Nutrition is a notable choice because it carries exclusive brands in these categories.

Naked Nutrition stands out for its uncompromising dedication to making products free of additives, which resonates with vegans who prefer a minimal ingredient list. Consider their $54.99 Pea Protein Power, a vegan favorite with over 600 positive 5-star ratings. Take advantage of the chance to receive a 10% commission, which equates to a lucrative $5.49 every sale. Join forces with Naked Nutrition to optimize your profits as an affiliate in the health and wellness industry while promoting clean, vegan products.

URL: Naked Nutrition affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

Cookie duration: 30 days

9. Kinder Beauty Affiliate Program

Kinder Beauty Affiliate Program

Enroll in Kinder Beauty’s vegan affiliate programs to begin the process of becoming an influencer for the brand.

Filling out the application is quite easy; just include basic information about your company and target market. Complete and submit your application by following the simple procedures.

You should expect a short wait after submitting your application since Kinder Beauty will assess and approve it in a few of days.

Once approved, access your unique affiliate dashboard, which will open a portal to a world where you can quickly find and copy your unique affiliate referral link. With Kinder Beauty, you can increase your impact and advocacy for beauty with this easy-to-use and profitable affiliate relationship.

URL : Kinder Beauty Affiliate Program

Commision: 8 %

10. Organic Basic Affiliate Program

Organic Basic Affiliate Program

See how transparent Organic Basics’ partnership requirements are: influencers with at least 1,000 followers and a taste for sophisticated content are preferred.

As per their criteria, Impact’s data shows that just 23 percent of applications for affiliate programs are carefully chosen for approval by Organic Basics.

Examining the data reveals an attractive 1.66€ 30-day EPC, which makes the application process quite beneficial for individuals who fit the program’s philosophy well. Take advantage of the chance to apply and become a member of the select group of influencers endorsing Organic Basics if you fit the requirements.

URL: Organic Basic Affiliate Program

Commission: 15%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Hope these Vegan affiliate programs give a boost to your side income while living a cruelty-free life. Want to explore more about veganism you can check out my other vegan articles.

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