Top 8 Vegan Movies On Netflix

vegan movies on Netflix

Vegan movies are documentary and narrative films that explore the ethical, environmental, and health-related aspects of a vegan lifestyle. These films aim to raise awareness and promote a plant-based diet, while also shedding light on the various challenges and benefits associated with veganism.

Explore Vegan Movie on Netflix – Eye-Opening Films on Animal Agriculture, Environment, and Health. Discover the Impact of Plant-Based Choices.


2014 ‧ Documentary ‧ 1h 31m

IMDb 8.1/10

Discover how the factory is destroying the planet's natural resources and why the big environmental groups have mostly overlooked this catastrophe.

The game changers

2018 ‧ Documentary ‧ 1h 52m

IMDb 7.8/10

Explore the world of plant-based athleticism in "The Game Changers," a gripping documentary that follows elite athletes who've embraced veganism, challenging the conventional wisdom on nutrition and performance.

Forks Over Knives

2011 ‧ Documentary ‧ 1h 36m

IMDb 7.7/10

Discover the power of plant-based nutrition in "Forks Over Knives," a groundbreaking documentary that explores the impact of a whole-food, plant-based diet on health and well-being, offering a compelling argument for veganism.

2017 ‧ Documentary ‧ 1h 37m

IMDb 7.2/10

Uncover the hidden truths of the food industry in "What the Health," a thought-provoking documentary that delves into the connections between diet, disease, and corporate interests, making a compelling case for a vegan lifestyle.


2021 ‧ Documentary ‧ 1h 29m

IMDb 8.1/10

Explore the shocking secrets of the global fishing industry in 'Seaspiracy,' a revealing documentary that will change how you view the oceans forever.


2017 ‧ Adventure/Drama ‧ 2 hours

A young girl's extraordinary journey to save her beloved friend, a genetically engineered super pig, in the heartwarming yet thought-provoking 'Okja'.

IMDb 7.3/10

David Attenborough a life on our planet

2020 ‧ Documentary ‧ 1h 23m

IMDb 8.9/10

Sir David Attenborough is on an awe-inspiring journey through his life and the planet's changing landscapes in this breathtaking documentary.


2018 ‧ Documentary ‧ 2 seasons

IMDb 7.2/10

Uncover the dark underbelly of the food industry in 'Rotten,' a gripping docuseries that exposes corruption, greed, and global consequences in our quest for sustenance.

There are many great films available on YouTube. Here are a few recommendations :


2005 ‧ Documentary/Horror ‧ 1h 35m

IMDb 8.6/10

"Earthlings" (2005) is a powerful American documentary narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. It explores humanity's treatment of animals as pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and for scientific research.

These documentaries are all well-made and informative, and they offer a variety of perspectives on veganism.

Vegan movies serve as a potent medium for raising awareness about the advantages of veganism and the imperative for a more sustainable and compassionate world. These films consistently inspire viewers to reevaluate their dietary choices and adopt a more conscious approach, guided by the message of veganism.

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6 months ago

I have seen maa ka doodh and it just changed how I see milk now.

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